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Wood is truly amazing. Is there any other constrution material in the world that is of greater benefit to mankind? Wood can be used to make an endless number of finished product with the minimum amount of energy. The jewel in the crown of this remarkable material is that sun and water are all it needs to generate.

Competence Personen in Besprechung

Technical Assistance

Our technical assistance is the first step to bring a project into an efficent application with wood. Our teams are highly skilled engineers with practical experience and analytic know-how of various wood species.
Haring is open for any constructive collaboration with engineers worldwide to bring in its specific know-how in heavy timber engineering.


Glulam as primary structures

Value Engineering: the aim is to utilize the strong properties of the renewable raw material wood in its entirety. Our pragmatic solutions with highly functional joining systems are aesthetic and economical.

ERC Tragwerk Simulation

Structural design

Our teams are trained to collaborate with design architects to develop ressource efficent structures. Rapid proto-typing mock-ups help fast mutuel understanding and decision processes. 


Structural Analysis

Our team controls with latest software linear and secondary order analysis. More important become lateral earthquake simulation for safe and elastic behaviour.

Workshop Drawings

Workshop 3D detailling

Latest 3D CAD simulations are online for high precision CAM processing, for laod bearing structures to substitute steel.

Roth Burgdorf AG

CAM Production

Our own production plants serve many building industry partners with customized structural glulam elements. The fully digital glulam process from query to production guarantees just in time production with latest generation joinery robotics.

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Sergio Lucas

Sérgio Lucas

Sérgio Lucas

Head of International Sales / Dome
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Laurent Corpataux

Laurent Corpataux

Director of South East Asia