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Haring research initiatives are in collaboration with Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (CH).
Our main goals are:
- Upgraded glulam beams using lower grade biomass with reinforcement of carbon fibre
- Search of structural elastic behaviour for multistorey timber structures in earthquake hazard zones

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Fibre reinforced glulam FiRP®

The demand of mass timber components has increased in the last 10 years. Therefore research for higher biomass efficency can be achieved with the use of our carbon fibre reinforced glulam speciality.

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FLEXFRAME® for safety

Wooden structures are light and elastic. Elastic behaviour of a lightweight structure is the appropriate property to prevent brittle collapses. This is an often seen failure in concrete structures. Haring has done extensive research with Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), with post tensioned column-beam-frames.

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Flexframe® research has a goal in search of safe multistorey buildings mainly in earthquake hazard zones. The frame structure uses a patented post tensioned compression member for stabilization effects during lateral earthquake forces.

In future multistorey structures in wood will replace common concrete buildings due to this advantage.

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Bionic is seeing and understanding the laws of nature that makes efficent structures possible. This innovative approach enables new visionary dimensions in construction.

Architectural creativity prefer freeform stuctures for aesthetic reasons and unique building development.

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Ensphere® is a radical departure from traditional structural systems. It is based on the simple concept that any rigid, double curvature dome can be supported directly on the ground, to rise freely over all internal structures and across the expanse of space to be enclosed.

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Organic - Freeform

Architects have discovered the ability of specialized timber industry to shape glulam elements not only double curved but even twisted. The results are striking aesthetics and visual impacts. In most cases every element has other geometric size and though robotic instruments may shape the structural elements. The costs for realisation are important and must be discussed carefully with the client.

Sergio Lucas

Sérgio Lucas

Sérgio Lucas

Head of International Sales / Dome
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Laurent Corpataux

Laurent Corpataux

Director of South East Asia