Haring strategy is open in its international activity to share engineering know-how as well as production how-to. On many continents timber industralization is not yet fully developed. Haring analyses the potential of local biomass species and has reference projects in Asia and Africa.

Eingang Burgdorf


Technology Transfer starts with formation and instruction of assigned teams in our Swiss plant. Haring offers open inside information of their highly industrialized production and downsizes the processes on appropriate scale of their local conditions.

A worldwide unique instruction platform to transfer a CO2 neutral building technology.

CH Bhutaner

Trainees on the job

Trainees from abroad get initial know-how information in glulam technology. It is extremly essential to understand the rules of biomass preparation, conditions of workspace, adhesive care, pressure application and joinery work.

Bhutan Layout

concept for pilot plant

In remote areas of development glulam technology can be started on a low industrialized level due to manpower cost. This method enables easy start investments with early remarkable added value profit.

HSWST China Produktion 01

Swiss Wood Structures China

For the large Chinese construction market Haring has transfered know-how and how-to to Tianjin (CN) in a successful 18 year jointventure.

Baumstamm Gabon 02

Added-value for Africa

The local transformation of the raw material wood in Gabon, especially the specie Okumé, instead of exportation of the whole unprocessed tree trunk, may be a key of growing society wealth on the equator in western Africa.

Bhutan Pilot Plant

Happiness above 3000 m

Gross national happiness is a spirit of life in the Kingdom of Bhutan. From its forest wealth, Bhutan has a considerable added value by acquiring Haring glulam technology.


Sergio Lucas

Sérgio Lucas

Sérgio Lucas

Head of International Sales / Dome
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Laurent Corpataux

Laurent Corpataux

Director of South East Asia