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Cutting-edge timber construction with infinite possibilities


As an imaginative and dynamic Swiss timber construction company, Häring has spent more than 140 years developing, planning and implementing timber construction and building solutions to create sustainable structures that combine high quality, solid performance and aesthetic appeal – for private customers, businesses and the public sector.

Häring Timber Technology Singapore


Our solutions for mass timber construction and glulam structures are able to meet your project needs and combine design with resource efficiency, all in compliance with CE certified production and European or local design standards.

Timber Engineering


We are ready for the timber age! As timber specialist, our in-house engineering and R&D will bring expertise to customise your project from concept up to execution. We can assist architects, engineers, construction companies and project developers to find the most efficient structural design because each project is unique.

Glulam Structures


The Häring & Co. AG subsidiary Roth Burgdorf AG specialises in planning and producing timber engineered structures for both conventional carpentry and complex timber engineering. Whether straight or curved supporting structures, Roth products offer plenty of scope to realise all your ideas using high-performance glulam components.

Mass Timber Construction


Mass timber construction has no secrets for us. We will be able to provide and adjust the structural design. This insures that building method that will be the most adequate for the project type, size and location. Flexframe, glulam frame, 2d element construction or CLT elements, 3d modular system… we will help your team to find the solution.

Technology Transfer


Swiss know-how and quality can benefit other cultures. Häring’s international operations focus on long-term prospects. We provide technical training support and strive for valued partnerships in order to comprehensively transfer our expertise and experience in new markets and geographies.

Dome Structures


Glulam dome structures can be constructed for storing bulk goods, among other things. Their design and structure draw inspiration from nature and are perfected by subtle engineering. The Häring Ensphere dome concept makes it possible to cover even large areas with diameters of more than 120 metres efficiently and inexpensively using the sustainable raw material wood.


Established more than 140 years ago the Haring Group is a leader in timber engineering and construction with extensive know-how. We are tapping on our experience that we gained from valuable pioneering projects that we completed over the last century.


In our work, we strive to perform and provide innovative and value engineered solutions to our clients. With new innovative systems, we continuously try to expand the boundaries of timber engineering and construction to achieve efficient, innovative end-solutions with the recognized Swiss Quality.


We strongly emphasize on a collaborative approach with our partners, suppliers, and clients to achieve win-win situations. We strengthen, nurture and value new and long-term partnerships to achieve best possible outcomes for the stakeholders.


We believe that sustainability is to be taken very serious. In our work, we deploy carbon negative products and system that provide our clients a sustainable and efficient alternative to more traditional construction products. We follow most stringent sustainability requirements and guarantee that our raw materials are purely sourced from sustainably managed forests.


Our engineering and construction teams will be able to optimise your project from the early stages. We will be able to transfer experience and execution knowledge to project development and therefore provide a sharp solution from the outset. As a result, value engineering gains can be integrated into your project development from concept to enable better project budget management and improved results.


We are able to handle all phases of your project in-house to ensure confidentiality and guarantee the completion of your structure or building. The sequence of development is ensured without interruption or loss of information and our in-house services will ensure that all phases, whether timber engineering, construction details, material or production and assembly, are completed on time with the correct and necessary resources.