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Chengdu Agro Expo is ready!

Häring AG was selected in a Swiss-Chinese partnership to take over the development, production and assembly of one of the buildings in the last quarter of 2020. Our know-how to improve the resource efficiency of the structural design was key for a successful optimization. This was carried out in a limited preparation time and achieved thanks to the commitment of our engineering team. Production started in early 2021, with the difficulty being that all girders were one-offs. The high level of design details and preparation plans combined with high precision production and machinery (CNC work) was crucial for an easier and smooth assembly process, which was carried out by a local team.


Over 1'300m³ were produced by Häring in just three months and our team, together with reliable partners, organized the extensive logistics required to transport the material by air, sea and land (train) during the peak months of the Corona pandemic with all the restrictions and closure times.


Read more about the project in our project report.