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We are proud to be a project partner for the +Pavilion exhibition at Marina Barrage in Singapore. The +Pavilion is themed around the topic of sustainability in the built environment and is organized in conjunction with the Swiss Weeks 2022.
In a collaborative effort, the +Pavilion elaborates that sustainability has to be addressed holistically. Among others, we show how sustainable and innovative timber construction contributes an essential part to the ongoing climate-debate. #woodenfuture #timberage
We are responsible for the +Pavilion’s structural timber engineering/design, including the production and installation of the innovative and sustainable glued-laminated timber (glulam) main structure. We also took on the responsibility of construction project management and coordinated between the various partners of the project. #lightfastgreen
A big thank you to all involved for the great collaboration.
AffordAble Abodes
EHL Campus (Singapore)
Embassy of Switzerland in Singapore
Deloitte Singapore
Hilti Group Singapore
Marina Barrage (PUB, Singapore's National Water Agency)
Nestlé Nespresso SA
Studio Sklim


+Pavilion Brochure

Interview with Laurent Corpotaux, Head of Häring Timber Technology in Singapore to the Launch of the +Pavilion

I am very excited that the +Pavilion has officially launched yesterday at Marina Barrage in Singapore, as part of the Swiss Weeks 2022.
What started as an initial discussion about sustainable wood construction has turned into a collaborative ecosystem of like-minded partners from diverse backgrounds who are committed to tackling climate change in a refreshing and much needed "different" way.
When I was asked last year by Singapore’s Architecture Festival to contribute with a content about Sustainable & Innovative Wood Construction, I knew that a single entity’s contribution would not be enough to drive change in the way how we think, how we collaborate and how we act on the topic of sustainability.. in this case, around the built environment.
The topic of sustainable construction, instead, should be looked at more holistically. Soon enough, the topic expanded into a larger discourse and a team of 12 like-minded partners was starting to assemble to create a collaborative ecosystem through a tangible and experiential exhibition. A truly ground-up initiative. Along the way, Ambassador Fabrice Filliez, among many other individuals, was instrumental when he offered to have this initiative as part of the Swiss Week 2022.
I am humbled and almost in disbelieve to see how this project has evolved over the last 12 months into an ecosystem that pushes the boundaries of cross-sectorial collaborations.
The +Pavilion will be open to public at Marina Barrage until end of July 2022 and will then move to its second location at EHL Campus (Singapore) for a permanent display.
Visitors can expect an experiential walk-through on their tour of the +Pavilion. They will see, and even touch, the earth-friendly and sustainable materials such as Glued-laminated Timber (Glulam), biocomposite made from the Kenaf plant and boards made of recycled coffee used to construct the +Pavilion.
Interested to explore more? Head down to Marina Barrage over the weekend and take some time to read and feel the exhibition about sustainability in the built environment.
All this would not have been possible without the collaboration of all partners & sponsors as well as many individuals.