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Mass Timber Construction

The use of innovative construction methods is part of the company's profile and enables us to meet the market demand for mass timber construction without losing sight of the future trend "Light x Fast x Green" for construction.

Sichuan Structure model Sichuan Structure model

proven and future solutions in construction and production

Based on 3 construction methods, we are prepared to meet the various current requirements and to solve any type of timber construction in a range up to 10 / 12 storeys. Our R&D department also ensures future solutions with the Flex-Frame system, developed to optimise construction at height, even in regions with strong seismic activity.

By 1994, Haring was already building up to four storeys using timber construction systems developed for factory production, increasing efficiency, quality and cost control. As a result, the overall time scale of any project is reduced and provides faster returns for investors.

Timber construction has long been using 3d construction planning to help digitise production which takes the prefabrication process and precision to a higher level in the construction industry, so the current BIM design requirements are nothing new.

3 construction methods

For mass timber construction, we divide the structural system into 3 methods:

Load bearing wall / slab elements

Load bearing wall / slab elements

- for wall and slabs
- lighter construction
- flexibility to combine installations, thermal and acoustic isolations an different finishing's
- requires a fixed layout on the interior of the building
- used up to 5 to 6 floors for lower buildings

Glulam frame or Flex-frame system

Glulam frame or Flex-frame system

- for high raise buildings
- combination of different slab types possible
- the best cost efficiency
- flexible layout of the interior
- on any location possible

CLT system for wall and slab element

CLT system for wall and slab element

- interior layout is fixed

- allows higher buildings than load bearing wall / slab elements