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Technology Transfer

Swiss know-how and quality can also benefit other cultures. Häring’s international operations focus on long-term prospects. As well as investing in production facilities for high-quality timber products, this also includes providing support for training and ensuring a comprehensive transfer of expertise and experience from Switzerland.


Sustainability by using local raw materials

Our intention is to support the use of regionally sourced timber, which, for example, can be sourced from sustainably managed fast-growing plantations in Southeast Asia.

In Europe, the glulam structures are mainly produced with Spruce/Fir, Larch but also Asha and Beech can be used. However, wood is a renewable resource on any continent and the western world does not need to export natural based products with exported western production cost. Southeast Asia has sustainable managed forests with promising resources. For us, it is fair enough to contribute with technology transfer.

Technology transfer

Looking on the technical side, our strategy and service is to support architects, engineers, construction companies and project developers in demanding project design. Only the know-how may limit the use of timber structures. To develop groundbreaking ideas and implement innovative designs, you need support from structure specialists with experience and foresight.

With over 140 years of experience and as a leading supplier in the field of innovative timber construction systems, we can provide this support for you.

Besuch bei Roth Burgdorf AG von der Royal Academy aus Bhutan Besuch bei Roth Burgdorf AG von der Royal Academy aus Bhutan

Glulam Academy

Based on our glulam production in Burgdorf, we offer the possibility of further training or continuing education with the Glulam Academy.

We are in timber age but as a timber specialist we feel we must share the knowledge for planning and designing timber structures. By sharing knowledge, we can ensure correct execution and secure the reputation of timber structures as a solution for the future.

In order to guarantee a successful technology transfer, the Glulam Academy is prepared to train the teams or key people for a future production sites and assembly team. The program can go further in this case can be focus for architects and engineers from any nation to promote the development of future timber constructions worldwide.

Benefits from working with us

The advantages of a cooperation of Häring with local partners are not only found in the transfer of knowledge and the use of local raw materials, which additionally avoid carbon footprint of the transport. We will guarantee engineering design support and production advice or support. Long term presence and adjustments to the market profile (not just importing one structure) create lasting jobs.

Highest quality standards

We work according to European standards, with the recognised quality from Switzerland. Häring Timber Technology only uses certified wood. All timber used in our glulam factories; timber elements or modular construction factories are coming from sustainable and control forest. FSC certificate from the timber supplier is requested and our glulam production is also CE, Swiss, Chinese and South Korean certified.

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Possibilities of technical realization

As one of the pioneers in glulam production, Häring Timber Technology has developed a complete system for the production of glulam structures - from planning to construction.

We are specialized in ENSPHERE® dome structures, free-form bionic structures, curved structures and solid wood structures with Flex-Frame earthquake resistant system.

Points technology transfer 02 Points technology transfer 02
Mehrzweckhalle Paro, Bhutan

Technology Transfer to Bhutan

With our commitment in Bhutan, we support local wood processing and technology transfer between Switzerland and the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Dome Kuppelbau Innen

Interview about our international operations

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