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Timber structures

Timber structures present several advantages. The lightness of the material without compromising its structural capacity, allows to combine form and aesthetics. Our timber design and digital precision production allows a higher standard of prefabrication that will results in significant savings in assembly times and thus the reduction of deadlines.


Wide range of possibilities

Straight, curved and freeform structures - glulam structures provide a wide range of structural solutions to meet your projects.

Points timber structures Points timber structures

Glulam structures

The glulam structures are recognized for the ability to achieve large free spans. Therefore feasible for exhibitions halls, Biodomes, arenas or sports facilities, airports and train stations, the limit is your vision. Multiple options can achieved with straight or arched beams, grids and freeform, or in extreme cases with free spans up or above 200m with Haring Ensphere or hybrid triple arch solutions. 

We are able to produce any laminated timber structure combining straight beams, curved and twisted curves which can be used to make structures from the simplest to the most complex.

Glulam Frame

Glulam Frame - can be used for halls but also small to middle size  towers, ideal for apartments or offices. Combined with composite or timber slab, it is a perfect solution for Mass timber construction. Flex-Frame - a step forward …

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