Haring Engineers may serve the client directly as well planers in the search of rational system structures. Haring design concepts are always in search of minimum material use for a maximum of function. Resource efficency is a must for a sustainable future. Cost efficency with Haring is the logical result.


Maximum Space Cover

Form follows function. There is no better shell for bringing everything together under a single roof. The Ensphere concept has been designed specificly with dome structures in mind. It enables to create free standing over arching roofs with spans of up to 200 m or surface areas of up to 32'000 m2.

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Aesthetical Space Cover

Shell structures are mostly aesthetical as a natural form. Wood can be used to make an endless number of finished products with the minimum amount of energy. Its optical recti-linearity makes for effective and structurally sound geometry. Our patented joint generates the rigidity for large scale shell diameters.

Sport Dome innen

Functional Roof Cover

Dome structures covers with a minimum of surface a maximum of space.
They are ideal for: sport stadiums, bulk storage, exhibition halls and temporary buildings.

Greentower verkuerzt

Multistorey building system

The Haring Greentower Concept is a radical departure from conventional building methods. Anywhere, low cost residential space can only be achieved with modular and standard components. Standard procedures and highly logistic sequences followed by acurate assembling processes results in the expected construction economy.


Multistorey business space

More often business centers and -offices, wish to represent the understanding and respect of sustainable economy with their real estate developments.

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Space roof systems

Massive glulam roof beams can be transported with a length up to over 40 m.

Sergio Lucas

Sérgio Lucas

Sérgio Lucas

Head of International Sales / Dome
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Laurent Corpataux

Laurent Corpataux

Director of South East Asia